ARCHEMA distribute quality products in the furniture market, mainly:

- As manufacturer of MODERN RUGS,

- As a distributor in Italy of fhe MHZ CURTAINS (best German company),
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The Archema company was set up in 1974.

We started our modern carpets and rugs business in 1978, through contacts at woolcraft schools in Poland.

From there we developed a working triangle starting with us at Archema, continuing to the designers and finishing at the production workshop. That were also felt in Bosnia and Turkey – we have always managed to be creative and source carpets of the highest quality.

We still source and produce high-quality handmade carpets and rugs at Archema today, but our 70s and 80s stock has retained the value and uniqueness that assure it a place as a sale item on this website after more than 30 years.

During 1997 Archema started the partnership with MHZ to organize the distribution of curtains in the rich part of furniture market.