Furnish with carpets

Tappeto: Nuova Estate


Production by handloom – shown in the edges of the rug, which are not perfectly straight, and in other small imperfections – gives it lasting durability that will stand the test of time.

To care for your rug, cleaning with a carpet brush or vacuum cleaner is normally sufficient. For excessive dust accumulations, dry cleaning with perchloroethylene is advised – taking extra care with the machine cycle and drying temperature used on the fabric.

85% WOOL weft, 15% LINEN warp
linen fringes

Choosing furnishings for your home is a task that can be fun and creative – especially when choosing a carpet or rug. More than any other item, it can whisk us away on a journey where our imagination, memory, desire and creativity have free rein.

Our world becomes wider, softer, warmer and more colourful – to be seen, touched, discovered, appreciated, changed.

A carpet or rug awakens our fascination through its visual allure – its feel, texture, dimensions, combination of colours, the “weight” of the weave – more than any other item can.

A carpet tells through its weave the tale of the artist who made it, and of its natural origins in the colours of the seasons – the earth, sea, mountains and sky on a clear or stormy day – and also of human craftsmanship in various cities, towns and villages. In this way, it interprets whatever we want to see, create or imagine in our daily life.