The handloom

Telaio a mano

The fundamental piece of equipment in making ARCHEMA carpets and rugs is the handloom.

Iron or wood handlooms of varying sizes are used. The width of the handloom determines the maximum width of the carpet or rug that can be woven on it – looms can be as wide as two and a half meters, to allow large sizes to be made.

On the loom is mounted a warp consisting of linen or cotton threads brought together in a “beam”. These threads are always raw and untreated, as they are hidden beneath the weft in the finished product.

Only the weft is left visible, consisting purely of handspun wool. The colored wool threads are woven into the warp completely by hand, without using bobbins or shuttles. The weaver can thus select thread by thread, and choose different colors and thread sizes – which is what makes this production technique so highly regarded in the industry.

Using this method, “mélange” backgrounds, brilliant depictions, colours that dazzle or colors of a pastel or natural quality can be achieved according to requirements – but are always represented with a chromatic sensitivity that is nothing short of impressive. The weaver does not merely reproduce the design, she also adds her own interpretation to it.
These manually inserted weft threads are then given a violent beating with the comb, to give consistency and thickness to the carpet so it will stand the test of time.

This production process, with its dependence on the technical skill and interpretation of the weaver, makes each carpet or rug an individual and rare piece of artistry.